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By: Art Nude
Category: Metgirls

met-art mosterotic nude
met-art mosterotic nude
met-art mosterotic nude

Blonde-Provocation-Inna - Blonde Provocation is undoubtedly one of our most popular movies. Its popularity comes from its incredibly beautiful model and its sensual cinematography, showing her dancing and moving on the bed in just the right ways. Now comes Blonde Provocation 2, and the sequel is better than the original!

Inna, the starlet, is back for this one, sporting a sleek and tiny lime-green teddy. She starts out at the window (like in the first one) and slowly makes her way to the bed (like in the last one). Then she ever so gingerly and temptingly removes her teddy and her panties, giving us all of her wonder (like in the last one!)

But part 2 is different than part 1 in all the right ways. Inna seems more relaxed, more in command of her powers. She also, if you can believe it, looks more beautiful than ever. This girl has the absolutely most perfect body ever created by God! She really knows how to move her body in the most natural, tempting ways!