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By: Art Nude
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met-art mosterotic nude
met-art mosterotic nude
met-art mosterotic nude

Cathrine-by-Peter-Dominic - She could come from anywhere. Maybe she's a swimmer on the team at the local pool. Maybe she works at a store in the mall. Maybe she's a high-school friend of your daughter.

Maybe she's just the girl next-door. In a way, it doesn't matter what she is in this world, because it's in your fantasy world that she truly lives.

When you watch her from a distance, brush by her in public, talk to her from the front yard, only one thought is going through your mind - this is my dream girl. This is the girl I have wanted all my life to possess. This is the girl whose body obsesses me, whose touch allures me, whose vision drives me crazy as I lie awake at night. This is the girl I long to love. (Gallery)

What is it about her that so captivates you? First, there is her youthful innocence. Then, of course, there are her perfect features. The bleached blond hair. The soft blue eyes, sensuous and enticing. The full-body tan from bathing naked in her backyard. And her perfect sexual features.

But most evocative about this nubile delight is her mystery. She knows her power over men, even as young as she is, and she uses it in the coyest, sexiest ways. The particular girl that drives you crazy achieves this power by a perfect mix of gullibility and assertiveness.

She is both tender and brutal, shy and forward, innocent and exotic. And you are absolutely hooked on her. You dream of her every night. You visit the places you know she'll be. You love the vision of her. You love the thoughts of such beautiful innocence.