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By: Art Nude
Category: Metgirls

met-art mosterotic nude
met-art mosterotic nude
met-art mosterotic nude

Dancer-Deux-Anais-Demois - The photos of Anais Demois have been gracing the pages of for years. He is one of our most popular photographers, with an enlivening combination of sensualism and mysticism, innocence and seduction, glamour and naturalism. And among all his series, Dancer Deux is one of the finest and most popular.

The concept behind Dancer Deux is simple. A stunningly beautiful young model is sitting on a white floor in front of a white wall. There is a cloth on the floor. She is naked, except for her thick wool socks.

Sometimes she appears to be dancing, sometimes she is playing with a flower, sometimes she is running her fingers thru her hair. Throughout it all, she is coyly, shyly, seductively looking at the camera. Her beauty is simple and shocking.